Friday, 7 June 2019

persimmons are yum

Persimmons hhhhmm!!

Hmm!! The delicious aromas filled the air with persimmons then I smell the orange ball that does smells like a big orange flavor smoothie when I smell it does make my mouth slobber like a dog with a ball.

Crunch! Crack! On the hard shelled seeds and on the dark orange skin on the persimmon that I had but when I did put it in my huge tummy I gobbled the fruit like a bird eating a persimmon tree then I thought will we get one more?

But when I put it the whole thing in my tummy I will burp! Like an t-Rex after having lunch but when I don’t do that it doesn't make me sick and when I touch it does feel like a slimy! Sticky! Slug! On my fingers and it had a little black dot on it and that is my persimmon story!

by Seth

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